Ultimate guide to fire pits buying

Fire pit is often used in any outdoor space such as a home backyard or park to add warmth and comfort, creating a sense of comfort for family gathering gardens, patios, outdoor living areas, etc. Turn your open-air area into the best part of your home with modern Fire Pit, Patio Fire Pit, or built-in options to enjoy all year round.So we'll give you more  about Backyard Fire Pit Ideas.

Get More Fire Pits Styles

Outdoor fire pits types

According to the classification of burning materials, fire pits can be divided into:

  • Wood burning fire pits

  • Gas fire pits

  • Ethanol fire pits

  • Electric fire pit

According to the classification of usage scenarios, outdoor fire pits can be divided into:

  • Garden Fire Pits/ Backyard Fire Pits/ Camping Fire Pits/ Picnic Fire Pits/ Hiking Trail Fire Pits/ Deck fire pit / Patio fire pit/ Beach Fire Pits/ Poolside Fire Pits/ Commercial Fire Pits/ Public Park Fire Pits
After learning about so many types of fire pits, do you have your own ideas for your garden fire pit? You can tell us about your backyard fire pit landscaping ideas, AHL Group, as a fire pit factory, provides professional custom fire pits services, and our professional designers help you realize your ideas.

What is the best type of fire pit to get?

Among the many types of fire pits, the most popular in recent years is the Corten Steel Fire Pit, whose unique material and style have attracted many enthusiasts to buy. Different from other materials of fire pit, Corten Steel Fire Pit has basic functions, but also more unique style, stronger durability, longer service life, and so on, because Corten Steel Fire Pits have many advantages, so more people choose.

Corten Steel Fire Pits Styles

Key features of a corten steel fire pits

  • Unique Aesthetics
  • Durability and Longevity
  • Versatility in Design
  • Low Maintenance
  • Heat Output and Ambiance
  • Environmental Friendliness
  • Customization Options

Hot Sale Corten Steel Fire Pit for Outdoor Use


Hot Sale Corten Wood Fire pitList

Name Image Size(mm) Weight(kg) Remark USD EXW price
AHL-FP04 H1000*W500*D500 50 Wood Burning Inquiry Now
AHL-FP05 H1930*W410*D410 85 Wood Burning Inquiry Now
AHL-FP09 H1300 * D300 * W600 32 Wood Burning Inquiry Now
AHL-FP10 D400*H800 17 Wood Burning Inquiry Now
AHL-FP14A D 1000*H200 22 Wood Burning Inquiry Now
AHL-FP14B D800 15
AHL-FP14C D600 10
AHL-FP15 L500*W500*H500 13 Wood Burning Inquiry Now
AHL-FP17A L450*W450*H450 30 Wood Burning Inquiry Now
AHL-FP17B L450*W450*H900 47
AHL-FP18 D1000*H2500 70 Wood Burning Inquiry Now
AHL-FP20 L1200*W1200*H500 130 Wood Burning Inquiry Now
AHL-FP24 D 914*H200 32 Wood Burning Inquiry Now

How do you buy a good fire pit?

1、Determine the usage scenario and purpose of the fire pits you need

Is it indoor or outdoor use? Need a portable fire pit? Or a permanent fire pit?Use of fire pits in search of warmth? Adjust the atmosphere? Cooking use? Or do you have both?

2、Determine the fuel needed for fire pits

Determine the type of fire pits based on the fuel you want to use, such as:
  • Wood Fire Pit
  • Gas Fire Pit
  • Smokeless Fire Pit
  • Desktop Portable Fire Pit

3、Choose materials that match your style and durability preferences

  • Cor-ten steel fire pits: rustic exterior and exceptional durability with an idyllic and changeable look.
  • Metal fire pits (steel, aluminum, cast iron): Versatile, available in a variety of designs, and moderately durable.
  • Stone fire pits (natural stone, brick, concrete): large self-weight, need to be built or installed periodically, easy to weather, and cannot be moved.
  • Ceramic or clay fire pits: strong aesthetics, good artistic ornamentation, but less durable.

4、Determine the size and space of fire pits

Measure the L * W * H of the available space where the fire pits are placed to ensure the fit in the size of the fire pit, leave space for gaps, and avoid unnecessary dimensional errors.

5、Fire pits design and aesthetics

Choose a design that complements your outdoor décor and personal style. The fire pits come in a variety of shapes, patterns, and finishes to suit your preferences. Some types can be engraved, carved, sprayed, etc. on the material, and some can do a certain shape on the overall appearance to enhance artistic beauty.

6、Budget to buy fire pits

Of course, the most important thing is to budget in advance and choose or customize the fire pits that meet your expected needs within your financial budget. Of course, high-quality fire pits may require a larger initial investment, but they can provide better durability and longevity, which is relatively cost-effective.

Where to buy fire pits

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