garden water fountain

Garden water features make your garden difference

garden water features

The sleek and eye-catching design is a simple way to add a centerpiece water fountain to your garden. The warm rust color enhances the hues of the outdoor space and brings a strong, industrial theme to the area, a little design can make your garden looks much different.

A garden water feature will bring a new dimension to your outdoor space. Bringing water into your garden can have a host of benefits including encouraging wildlife and promoting relaxation. AHL-CORTEN offer a wide range of outdoor water fountains to suit your garden, from water bowls to ponds, we have everything you need to create a tranquil garden space.

You don’t have to live in an architectural masterpiece to enjoy a corten steel water feature. They are portable, easy to install and are self-sufficient once plumbed in. They can be placed on any level surface and provide endless hours of enjoyment.

How does corten steel effect garden water features?

AHL CORTEN use corten steel as raw materials for outdoor metal water fountains, Corten steel is a pre-weathered material which can last for decades outdoors. With its beautiful patina, it's no wonder that it's used so much in modern landscaping and water features.

Weatherproof steel has the advantages of super high corrosion-resistance, environmental protection and pollution-free. It perfect realize the integration of wild tough masterpiece and soft water scenery.

Through the process of designing, cutting, shot blasting, rolling, welding, profiling, graving and surface-treated. Then get the great model which designed according to actual environment, application, storage position and corten water feature effect of user.

Hot sale AHL-CORTEN garden water fountains

Each AHL-CORTEN garden water feature and fountain are equipped with pumps and pipes. The voltage for the pump is 220V, if need other voltage, please Contact Us.

1. Garden water fountain-Rain Gate

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Material Corten steel
Size 2000(H)*1800(W)mm
Color Rusty red or other painted color
The normal size for this model waterfall is 2000mm*1800mm, also can be customized. Each waterfall has a water tank and a screen in the bottom. The water tank can be buried underground, Decorative stones can be placed on the screen.

2. Outdoor corten steel water fountains with single foot

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Material Corten steel
Size 2400(H)*1800(W)mm
Color Rusty red or other painted color
The normal size for this model water curtain is 2400mm*1800mm, also can be customized. Each waterfall has a water tank and a screen in the bottom. The water tank can be buried underground, Decorative stones can be placed on the screen.

3. Corten steel water features

Material Corten steel
Size 890(H)*720(W)mm*440(D)mm
Color Rusty red or other painted color

This model waterfall can be divided into two parts: one is waterfall with a flowerpot in the top, another is a water tank. It can be placed indoor or outdoor.

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AHL CORTEN water feature catalogue

AHL CORTEN Water Feature Pricelist
NO. Name Image Size/mm Surface
AHL-WF01 Waterfall Herb Planter Water Feature AHL-WF01
890(H)*720(W)*440(D) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF02 Rain Curtain Water Feature AHL-WF02
1800(W)*250(D)*1800(H)      pot: 2000(W)*500(D)*500(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF03 Rain Curtain Water Feature AHL-WF03
2400(W)*250(D)*1800(H)      pot: 2500(W)*400(D)*500(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF04 Outdoor Waterfall AHL-WF04
1800(W)*250(D)*1800(H)      pot: 2000(W)*500(D)*500(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF05 Rain Curtain Water Feature AHL-WF05
800(W)*250(D)*1800(H)   pot: 1000(W)*500(D)*500(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF06 Rain Curtain Water Feature AHL-WF06
1800(W)*250(D)*1800(H)      pot: 2000(W)*500(D)*500(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF07 Corten steel water fountain AHL-WF07
fountain: 1000(W)*1200(H)                 pond: 1500(W)*400(D) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF08 Corten steel water fountain AHL-WF08-09-10 1000(D)*740(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF09 1200(D)*740(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF10 1500(D)*740(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF11 Corten steel water table AHL-WF11-12-13 800(L)*800(W)*400(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF12 1000(L)*1000(W)*400(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF13 1200(L)*1200(W)*400(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF14 Corten steel water table AHL-WF14-15-16 600(L)*600(W)*700(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF15 600(L)*600(W)*1000(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF16 600(L)*600(W)*1300(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF17 Corten steel water table AHL-WF17
1000(L)*2500(W)*400(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF18 Corten steel lily bowl AHL-WF18
800(D)*500(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF19 Corten steel water feature AHL-WF19
1500(H)*1500(W)*450(D) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF20 Vertical Water Wall with LED lights AHL-WF20
1750(W)*400(D)*1800(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF21 Rain Curtain Water Feature AHL-WF21
1200(H)*1200(W)*180(D) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF22 Vertical Water Wall with LED lights AHL-WF22
1750(W)*400(D)*1200(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF23 Vertical Water Wall with LED lights AHL-WF23
1000(W)*100(D)*2000(H)  pot: 2000(W)*500(D)*500(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF24 Fountain & Pond AHL-WF24
650(H)*330(W)*550(D)    pond: 1000*1000*200 rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF25 Fountain & Pond AHL-WF25
1524(H)*1219(W)*495(D) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF26 Rain Curtain Water Feature AHL-WF26
1200(W)*120(D)*1500(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF27 Rain Curtain Water Feature AHL-WF27
330(W)*550(D)*650(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF28 Round Waterfall Fountain AHL-WF28
D1250*H1250 rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF29 Rain Curtain Water Feature AHL-WF29
1500(H)*1500(W)*450(D) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF30 Corten steel freestanding pond AHL-WF30-31-32 2000(L)*250(D)*1200(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF31 2500(L)*250(D)*1200(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF32 3000(L)*250(D)*1200(H) rusted and unrusted
AHL-WF33 Corten steel water bowl AHL-WF33
1000(D)*800(H) rusted and unrusted