seamless round carbon steel pipe

Seamless carbon steel pipe is no breaks,no gaps and continues without stopping.

 Seamless carbon steel pipe

What is seamless steel pipes

Seamless pipe is formed by piercing a solid, near-molten, steel rod, called a billet, with a mandrel to produce a pipe that has no seams or joints.


Carbon steel seamless pipes are extensively applied in the nuclear device, gas conveyance, petrochemical, shipbuilding and boiler industries, with characteristics of high corrosion resistance combined with suitable mechanical properties.

  • Steam pipeline
  • Nuclear device
  • Gas conveyance
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Shipbuilding and boiler industries
  • Ship building and boiler industries
mild steel pipe


We can produce GB standard of steel pipe to gratify domestic buyers’ demand, amid also provide wide range of international industrial standard such as ASTM, ANSI and API, ASME and so on to satisfy oversea customers.

Seamless steel pipe Size:

1/2” Nominal to 24”O.D.

Seamless steel pipe Wall Thicknesses

Schedule 40 up to 4.000”

Standard Carbon Steel Pipe Specifications & Grades

A/SA-106 – Grades B & C

A/SA-53 Seamless – Grade B

seamless tube


Actually as the advantage of higher pressure-bearing capacity of seamless steel pipes, the seamless steel pipe may involve in more broad range of uses.

Compare between solid steel (steel rod) and seamless steel pipe, the seamless steel tubes have lighter weight when its bending and torsional strength are the same, so it is an economic section steel.

Manufacturing the ring spare parts by seamless steel pipe can improve the utilization rate of materials, simplify the manufacturing process and save material and processing time.