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Corten steel planter box

Corten steel Planters

What kind of planters are you using in your garden? Recently, corten steel planters have been the major trend in the yard art. Since corten planters give a stable red-brown patina that changes as the climate and years, developing your landscape with a natural look. The unique red-brown color of the corten steel planter and the green color of the plants effect strong vision shock but in harmony.

Features of AHL CORTEN metal planter

  • Tall and Large planters are deep enough for larger plants
  • Finished with drainage holes
  • Suitable for outdoor

Why choosing Corten steel for metal planter?

With excellent corrosion resistance, corten steel is an idea material for outdoor garden, it becomes harder and stronger when exposed to weather over time. As it is big enough, you can plant different kinds of flowers and plants in it.

What's more, AHL CORTEN metal planter need no maintenance , which means you do not need to worry about the cleaning matter and its lifespan.

Corten Steel Planter is designed in simple but practical, it is wildly welcomed in Australia and European countries.

AHL Corten planter box specifications

Features Detail
Product Type Corten Planter box
Pattern Design   Customized, ODM Design
Color            Rust or coating as customized.
Location Outdoor Use
Material Corten Steel
Capacity (16" H x   32" W x 10" D Size) 2688 Fluid Ounces
Capacity (16" H x   32" W x 10" D Size) 3840 Fluid Ounces
Capacity (13" H x   25" W x 11" D Size) 1792 Fluid Ounces
Capacity (16" H x   60" W x 15" D Size) 7500 Fluid Ounces
Drainage Holes Yes
Frost Resistant Yes
Weather Resistant Yes
Handmade Yes
Thickness        1.5mm~6.0mm, etc.
Supplier Intended and Approved Use Residential Use; Non-Residential Use
Country of Origin China
corten steel planter in yeard

Different styles of corten steel

1.Corten Steel Garden Planter Bed

Garden planter bed

AHL CORTEN planter bed is simple but modern, shaped from corten steel by skilled craftsmen, utilizing precise folding of the metal to create a planter bed that assembles into a rectangular shape. Planter bed panels assemble to form an incredibly solid plant container that provides maximum planting area.

  • Common size: 900*400*300mm, customized size is also acceptable.
  • Tips: Place the bare finished planter bed on grass or gravel during weathering process to avoid staining to adjacent material.

2.Wall Hanging Metal Planter

  • Shape could be circle, square, rectangle or any other required shape;
  • Customized sizes are acceptable;
Wall Hanging Metal Planter Wall Hanging Metal Planter

AHL CORTEN planter box catalogue

  AHL CORTEN Planters Catalogue
Image Item No. Material Weight (kg) Size (cm) Package Size (cm)

AHL-CP01 Corten steel, T=2.0mm 16 45X35X50 50X40X55
22 45X35X75 50X40X80
29 45X35X100 50X40X105
AHL-CP02 AHL-CP02 Corten steel, T=2.0mm 8 30X30XH30 35X35X35
14 40X40XH40 45X45X45
22 50X50XH50 55X55X55
30 60X60XH60 65X65X65
41 70X70XH70 75X75X75
53 80X80XH80 85X85X85
82 100X100XH100 105X105X105
AHL-CP03 AHL-CP03 Corten steel, T=2.0mm 32 80X30X50 85X35X55
30 50X30X80 55X35X85
25 60X30X50 65X35X55
AHL-CP04 AHL-CP04 Corten steel, T=2.0mm 14 30X30XH45 35X35X50
25 40X40XH60 45X45X65
AHL-CP04 AHL-CP05 Corten steel, T=2.0mm 14 30X30X60 35X35X65
19 40X40X60 45X45X65
24 40X40X80 45X45X85
30 40X40X100 45X45X105
37 50X50X100 55X55X105
AHL-CP06 AHL-CP06 Corten steel, T=2.0mm 11 D40XH40 45X45X45
17 D50XH50 55X55X55
24 D60XH60 65X65X65
43 D80XH80 85X85X85
AHL-CP07 AHL-CP07 Corten steel, T=2.0mm 7 25X25XH25 30X30X30
26 50X50XH50 55X55X55
70 80X80XH80 85X85X85
110 100X100XH100 105X105X105
AHL-CP08 AHL-CP08 Corten steel, T=2.0mm 7 25X25XH25 30X30X30
26 50X50XH50 55X55X55
70 80X80XH80 85X85X85
AHL-CP09 AHL-CP09 Corten steel, T=1.5mm 2 32X9XH24 37X14X29
AHL-CP10 AHL-CP10 Corten steel, T=1.5mm 1.5 D40XH40 45X45X45
AHL-CP11 AHL-CP11 Corten steel, T=2.0mm 40 80X30XH120 85X35X125
AHL-CP12 AHL-CP12 Corten steel, T=3.0mm 57 150X50XH70 155X55X75
AHL-CP13 AHL-CP13 Corten steel, T=2mm 17 D35XH80 40X40X85
AHL-CP14 AHL-CP14 Corten steel, T=2mm 19 D50XH60 55X55X65
AHL-CP15 AHL-CP15 Corten steel, T=2mm 17 D50XH50 55X55X55
 AHL-CP16 AHL-CP16 Corten steel, T=2.0mm 31 100X45XH45 105X50X50
45 120X50XH60 125X55X65
53 150X50XH60 155X55X65
68 200X50XH60 205X55X65
 AHL-CP17 AHL-CP17 Corten steel, T=2.0mm 20 88X30XH75 93X35X80
37 90X30XH80 95X35X85
 AHL-CP18 AHL-CP18 Corten steel, T=3.0mm 30 D80XH60 85X85X65

What you may want to know about metal planters

  • Q: "How to prevent the surface from staining?"
            A: It is recommended to use a base with the planter to prevent the surface from staining.
  • Q: "How to protect the metal from erosion?"
            A: A clear coat of urethane can be applied to the planter to prevent from rusting further. The corten steel planters are designed to rust over time and will   never completely rust through.
  • Q: "What is the material of the feet holding up this planter box made of?"
            A: The riser feet on the planter box is made from Corten steel.
  • Q:"Is the planter safe to use for edible plants?"
            A: Yes, the planter is safe to use for edible plants.
  • Q:"Does the rust rub off on clothing?"
            A: Yes, the rust rubs off on clothing.Enable GingerCannot connect to Ginger Check your internet connection
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