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Tree grates: decorative, durable and functional

Available in many different styles and designs, AHL CORTEN steel tree grate is both decorative and functional, by using long-lasting corten steel materials, the tree grilles are durable as well.

At AHL CORTEN, we are aiming to produce sidewalk corten steel tree grates that perfectly blend with the surroundings and look aesthetically pleasing. Our decorative tree grates will not only protect the plants but also make the surroundings look more sophisticated and welcoming.

As one of the leading tree grilles manufacturers in the industry, we thrive on exceptional quality & attention to detail to get the best end product. Built with robust and highest quality materials, our tree grates require very low maintenance and are ideal for any public space.

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Function of steel tree grate

For practical function, tree grates promote healthier trees by offering air and rainwater a path to the tree roots; for decorative function, tree grates can maintain neat, orderly, and safety of the sideway.

Tree grills are made to last and adapt to your trees as they grow, promote tree growth and longevity. In this way, steel tree grate can maximize the benefits of your investment in the green infrastructure. Remember that choosing the correct size and style of tree grate and removable center rings can reach their full potential.

Why use weathering steel for tree grates?

Corten steel meaning a material that is corrosion resistant and left uncoated, develops an outer layer patina protecting it from almost any element. It is very strong and used where higher strength and longer life cycle materials are required.

Advantages of AHL CORTEN tree grates?

  • Economic
  • Environment friendly
  • Durable and no need maintenance
  • Looks fresh, artistic, bright, vibrant and sunshine etc.
  • Easy installation

How many types are available?

AHL Cor-Ten Steel tree grate products include CorTen press grating grates with rust CorTen steel strips frame. Three types are available:
  1. Transparent type: With a small mesh size (approx. 50x17mm) and a square or round tree hole
  2. Lucent type: With a small mesh size (75x15mm), a heavy gauge CorTen centre plate and a round tree hole.
  3. Wave type: With a mesh size of 93x50mm and a square tree hole. The grid strips are fixed at a 45° angle. The Wave is available up to a maximum of 120cm wide.

In which area are they usually used?

They are suitable for pedestrian areas with the standard characteristics. The Lucent and Transparent models are also available in traffic.

corten steel tree grate

What is the regular dimension of steel tree grates?

Available in square sizes of ca. 120, 150 or 180cm, or other custom dimensions as your request or need.

What are the material options?

We supply standard material weathering corten steel with pre-rusted treatment, other finishes are available exactly according to your request and need.

Tree Grate Installation Details:

After the tree is planted, the steel tree grates are fitted around the tree and into the frames. The tree grates are provided in two parts which are simply placed into the frame after any debris has been removed. When the tree grille is placed in the frame, the grille is to be flush with the top of the frame.

The set of tree grates will have bolt lugs on the underneath side of the tree grate for bolting the sections together. It is also recommended that suitable supports be placed under the tree grate section, bolts and supports are to be provided by others.

Installation steps 
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