Mild Steel / Pipeline Steel Plate

What’s pipeline steel

Pipeline steel is a kind of steel plate used for pipeline, which is mainly used in manufacturing line pipes for oil and gas, as well as coal and building material slurry. The steel is not only required of high compressive strength, but also required of a higher lower temperture toughness and excellent welding performance.

Modern pipeline steel belongs to low carbon or ultra-low carbon microalloy steel, which is a product with high technical content and high added value. All most all the new technological achievements in the field of metallury in the past 20 years have been applied in the production of pipeline steel. The development trend of pipeline engineering is large pipe diameter, high pressure gas-rich transportation, service environment of high cooling and corrosion, thick wall of submarine pipeline. Modern pipeline steels should therefore have high strength, low bauschinger effect, high toughness and brittle resistance, low weld carbon content and good weldability, and HIC and H2S corrosion resistance.
Pipeline steel plate

The pipeline steel plate is used to manufacture welded line pipes, because seamless line pipes are made of round bar, not steel plates. Medium thick plate is generally used to produce thick wall straight seam welded pipe, and the coil steel is used to produce electric resistane welded(ERW) pipe and spirally submerged arc welded(SSAW) pipe. Nowadays, more and more clients require pipeline steel plate to produce line pipes because the steel plates can be used to manufacture bigger diameter pipes, in addition, the price of welded pipes is usually lower than that of seamless pipes.

AHL STEEL provide qualified pipeline steel plates according to standand of API 5L, ISO 3183, and GB/T 9711.

API 5L Steel plate

Evironment classification

  • Cold & High Altitude
  • High Sulfur
  • Subsea

Equivalent grades

Standard Grade
API 5L A25 Gr A GrB X42 X46 X52 X56 60 65 70
GB/T 9711
ISO 3183
L175 L210 L245 L290 L320 L360 L390 L415 L450 L485

Delivery condition

PSL 1 As-rolled, normalizing rolled, normalized or normalizing formed L175 or A25, L175P or A25P, L210 or A
PSL 1 As-rolled, normalizing rolled, thermomechanical rolled,
thermomechanical formed, normalizing formed, normalized,
normalized and tempered; or, if agreed, quenched and
tempered for SMLS pipe only.
L245 or B
PSL1 As-rolled, normalizing rolled, thermomechanical rolled,
thermomechanical formed, normalizing formed, normalized,
normalized and tempered or quenched and tempered.
L290 or X42, L320 or X46, L360 or X52,
L390 or X56, L415 or X60, L450 or X65, L485 or X70
PSL 1 As-rolled L245R or BR, L290R or X42R
PSL 2 Normalizing rolled, normalizing formed, normalized or
normalized and tempered
L245N or BN, L290N or X42N, L320N or X46N,
L360N or X52N, L390N or X56N, L415N or X60N
PSL 2 Quenched and tempered L245Q or BQ, L290Q or X42Q, L320Q or X46Q,
L360Q or X52Q, L390Q or X56Q, L415Q or X60Q,
L450Q or X65Q, L485Q or X70Q,L555Q or X80Q,
L625Q or X90Q (c) , L690Q or X100Q (c)
PSL 2 Thermomechanical rolled or thermomechanical formed L245M or BM, L290M or X42M, L320M or X46M,
L360M or X52M, L390M or X56M, L415M or X60M,
L450M or X65M, L485M or X70M,L555M or X80M
PSL 2 Thermomechanical rolled L625M or X90M, L690M or X100M, L830M or X120M


The material is used in manufacturing line pipe for transportation of oil, gas, coal slurry, building material slurry and so on.

  • Useful in Paper & Pulp Companies
  • Useful in High Pressure Applications
  • Useful in Oil and Gas Industry
  • Useful in Chemical Refinery
  • Useful in Pipeline
  • Useful in High Temperature Application
  • Useful in Water Pipe Line
  • Useful in Nuclear Power Plants
  • Useful in Food Processing and Dairy Industries
  • Useful in Boiler & Heat Exchangers
API 5L Sheet application

Packing & delivery

We provide qualified packing and suitable Transportation method to keep the products safe and good.

Pipeline steel plate packing