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Bollard light, also called post light, garden light, is a kind of light stand along the pathway or in the lawn. If you’re choosing outdoor LED lighting, the waterproof outdoor light with low maintenance and low price should be your first choice.

As a CORTEN steel garden light professional manufacturer, AHL CORTEN is producing high-quality bollards lights including corten LED garden post light, corten outdoor garden light with popular style and factory price.

Corten Bollard Light: an ornament and a light

Corten bollard light is not just a lighting device that bright your garden, with more and more fantastic designs, corten steel garden light has become a beautiful ornament, whether in daytime or at night, it can present opposite atmosphere in outdoor space.
AHL-CORTEN's new LED garden corten steel post lights provide light with shadow art, which can create vivid night designs on any landscape surface. The lamp post not only creates exquisite shadow art, but also creates a focal point that can be added to any landscape lighting system. During the day, they are works of art in the yard, and at night, their light patterns and designs become the central focus of any landscape.
If you are interested in any kind of corten garden light styles, kindly see our corten lights catalogue in the end.

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Why choose Corten steel to make garden lights?

The AHL CORTEN bollards lights are made of American grade strong Cor-Ten steel, also known as weathering steel. It is a corrosion-resistant steel that can form an outer layer of patina without coating. This patina protects steel from additional corrosion. As time pass by, Corten steel garden lighting equipment will rust, which will add beautiful artistic elements to your landscape design day and night.

Benefits of corten steel LED bollard light

  • Energy saving
  • Maintenance cost reduction
  • Lighting performance

What is the regular dimension?

Width: 120*120mm for the light’s column

Height: 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, or other custom sizes.

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AHL CORTEN Bollard Light Brochure
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AHL CORTEN Steel Bollard Light Catalog
NO. Name Image Standard Size/mm Surface
1 AHL-LB01 AHL-LB01 120(D)*120(W)*500(H) rusted and powder coating
2 AHL-LB02 AHL-LB02 114(D) *800(H) rusted and powder coating
114(D) *1100(H)
3 AHL-LB03  AHL-LB03 149(D)*602(H) Powder coating
4 AHL-LB04 AHL-LB04 150(D)*200(H) Powder coating
150(D)*150(W)*500(H) rusted and powder coating
6 AHL-LB06 AHL-LB06 120(D)*150(W)*500(H) rusted and powder coating
120(D)*120(W)*1200(H) rusted and powder coating
127(D)*127(W)*788(H) rusted and powder coating
120(D)*120(W)*1200(H) rusted and powder coating
10 AHL-LB10 AHL-LB10 150(D) *500(H) rusted and powder coating
150(D) *700(H)
11 AHL-LB11 AHL-LB11
150(L)*150(W)*600(H) Powder coating
12 AHL-LB12 AHL-LB12 300(D)*300(W)*300(H) rusted and powder coating
13 AHL-LB13 AHL-LB13
200(L)*200(W)*200(H) Rust
14 AHL-LB14 AHL-LB14
160(D)*380(H) Rust
15 AHL-LB15 AHL-LB15 150(D)*150(W)*500(H) rusted and powder coating
16 AHL-LB16 AHL-LB16
200(L)*200(W)*1000(H) Rust
17 AHL-LB17 AHL-LB17
200(D)*600(H) Rust

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