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What is Steel Frame Structure?

Like the skeleton in our body, the steel frames play important roles in the structural steel buildings and projects. In the steel frame, big or small steel sections or shapes like the beams and columns which are riveted, bolted or welded together in a rectilinear grid. In the building projects, steel frame support the roofting, sidding, and other remainder of the building.

Steel frame construction has become the most popular commercial building technique, it is said with over half of the constructed square footage in USA framed in structural steel.

Hot rolled steel is often used to form steel beams and steel columns. They transfer the heated steel between large rolls to deform it into desired shapes, such as H, I, W, S and C shapes, angle shapes, tube shapes, etc.

The material of the steel frame can be Q345(S355JR)or Q235(S235JR), normaly the surface of steel frame need to be painted before exporting.

steel frame structure
steel frame structure

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Types of Steel Frame Structures

1. Light Gauge Steel Construction

Light gauge steel frame members are made of structural steel plates, which can be formed into a strong C or Z or S shape that can support heavy objects. Lightweight steel is also called cold formed steel, which comes from the process of forming steel components

The strength and flexibility of the light weight steel frame has led to an increase in span, custom openings, curved walls and different facade treatments. These characteristics make it a versatile building material. The components of light steel frame components need to be galvanized or painted to provide long-term corrosion protection.

It is widely used in the construction of houses and small buildings.

The advantage of Light gauge steel frame is Buildability, strength, design flexibility, fast construction, and light weight make it easy to handle and modification thereby increasing speed; safety; recyclability, and good quality (durable and low maintenance).But it is susceptible to fire, so fire-resistant paint should be provided.

2. Heavy steel frame

Heavy steel frame buildings are constructed of steel. Almost the entire structure is assembled from steel. As we all know, steel has strong rigidity, which enables steel structure buildings to withstand strong winds and heavy snow. Heavy steel structure has many advantages and is very popular in the market. In many cases, the use of steel structures will reduce construction costs

Heavy steel frame are generally used in heavy construction projects, such as multi-story buildings, bridges ,industrial plants,workshop, and other working places.

The advantage of Heavy steel frame is high strength. Relatively low weight. The ability to span large distances. Easy to install. Off-site manufacturing to ensure high quality. Mass production of repeating units. Can provide various ready-made structural parts. Ability to resist dynamic forces such as wind and earthquakes. Adaptability to any shape. Can be covered by a wide range of materials. Suitable for a wide range of connection methods.

steel frame construction
steel frame construction
steel frame construction
steel frame construction

The difference between Heavy steel frame and Light gauge steel frame

Heavy steel frame and Light gauge steel frame are very different in steel production, application and fastening methods. Structural steel requires thicker and heavier fastening methods, such as welding, bolting or riveting. On the other hand, lightweight steel can be more easily fixed with steel screws. Steel frame structure has long been a fastening problem for decoration contractors. Traditional veneer nails will not penetrate most load-bearing steel components, and conventional hardened fasteners are not suitable for the job.

The disadvantage of Heavy steel frame is its weight. It needs heavy truck transportation and must be placed by crane. Therefore, structural steel is rarely used in residential or light commercial buildings because it is bulky and expensive. Lightweight steel or structural steel can be selected for medium-sized commercial buildings, depending on the needs of the project.